to “carb” or not to “carb”

to “carb” or not to “carb”

a note from our dietician, Kim.

There is a lot of confusion at the moment as to which style of eating to follow – is a high carbohydrate better or are we meant to eat very limited carbohydrates?

If you look at the physiology of our bodies, we need glucose to function best, and carbohydrates are the foods that give us this glucose immediately after eating. How much carbohydrate and which carbohydrate sources are the best is what… is really important.

I generally advise about 165-195g of carbohydrate for non-active females. This amount would increase the more active you are and if you are a male.

  • Remember that your carbohydrates come from your starches, fruit and dairy.
  • Choose the wholegrain starches with lots of fibre, any fruit and the low fat dairy products to make sure you are doing the best for your bodies.
  • Keeping your blood sugar levels constant by eating regularly is the crux to health and weight loss!

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