Want to lose weight? Forget about ‘working out’

We all know that feeling. After a hard day at work, the last thing you feel like doing is more work. So maybe it’s time to stop working out and rather do what works for you. By implementing a few simple things into your daily routine – and it really is simple – it’s possible to feel healthier, more in shape and happier. Here’s how:

1.    Take ‘workout’ out of your vocabulary

Fitness routine. Living an active lifestyle. Following a wellness plan. All of these sound a lot more like you’ve incorporated fitness habits into your life, rather than forcing yourself to squeeze in a workout at the gym. Changing the way you think and speak about exercise is an easy way to help you overcome the mental barriers against it.

2.    Stay constantly active and on your feet

Stay on the move, even if you’re at work. If you tend to lose track of time, add reminders to your phone to get up every hour or even half hour to stretch and take a quick walk. Walk briskly around the office, take the stairs whenever you can and make yourself take lots of bathroom breaks by constantly sipping water. On weekends, enjoy some downtime on the couch, but make sure to also get out in the fresh air.

3.    Make use of technology

Whether it’s simply a pedometer that counts your steps, or a much more advanced fitness tracking device, use this technology to help you keep moving. You don’t need something that tracks every heartbeat or calorie, you can simply have it as a reminder to rather take the stairs instead of the escalator or to park a little further away to get more steps in during your day.

4.    Reconnect with your inner child

Stop seeing the kids’ toys as clutter that need to be put away, and rather view them as an opportunity to get moving! Pick up a hula hoop and see if you can keep it going for a fun workout for your whole body. See if you can beat the kids at a game of Guitar Hero or grab a water pistol, fill it up and delight them by chasing them around. Making fitness fun is not just good for the body – it’s great for the soul!

5.    Make the TV ads count

Relaxing on the couch with your favourite series is often the only thing you feel like doing after work. Instead of raiding the fridge, use the ad breaks to do short bursts of exercise. An hour-long series or show has about 18 minutes of advertisements, and a half-hour show about eight. If you spend an average of two to three hours watching TV per day, that’s a lot of ad time you can spend doing jumping jacks, push-ups, ab crunches or even skipping.

6.    Dance like no one’s watching

Bad day at work? Put the wine back in the fridge and rather crank up the music. Jumping, shaking your hips, twisting, bending and singing at the top of your lungs will not only burn kilojoules and leave you out of breath, but will lift your mood by releasing feel-good endorphins and a burst of energy.

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