Weight Loss Products for Women

Stop Starting Over on Mondays with Weight-Loss Products for Women from Herbex

For millions of women, the Monday morning alarm signals the start of a new diet – a final attempt at getting rid of the weight forever, and never having to look in the mirror feeling disappointed that you did not achieve your goals, or that you are not any closer to reaching them than you were a few weeks prior when you gave yourself the classic Monday morning motivational speech, and reached for the weight loss products.

Perhaps you heard the speech from your mother growing up. Perhaps she was like many women, and you saw her eating all of the products in the house that were considered fattening on a Sunday afternoon, because she was starting over the next day, and you ended up repeating the same patterns when you became older. Trial and error should have indicated to you by now that this strategy does not work. After the third Monday, it should have been clear that you are not that good at sticking to a diet.

It is better to start changing your habits the moment you decide that you want to change. Losing weight happens one healthy decision at a time. Instead of choosing to add sugar to your next cup of coffee, you can choose to skip the sugar. You can choose to spend your money on junk food and candy, or you can choose to use the money towards positive change, and spend it on natural weight-loss products for women, such as those from Herbex, which will help you get closer to your goals, instead of further away from them.

Herbex weight-loss products for women, such as the Slimmer’s Tea and Fat Burn Concentrate, can be paired with a healthy eating plan that focuses on the following basic diet and lifestyle tips:

  • Reduce your food intake, so that you eat fewer kilojoules than you burn in a day. You do not have to count and track every bite you eat, but by reducing your portion sizes and not going for seconds, you can easily reduce the amount of kilojoules that you consume.
  • Cut out sugar and processed carbohydrates, as these foods tend to cause spikes in blood sugar levels and insulin, which can make you gain fat (especially around the midsection) and increase your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Get regular exercise to help you burn more kilojoules. Weight loss occurs when you burn more kilojoules than you eat in a day. Try to do workouts that you will enjoy doing or that will at least not make you consider why being overweight might not be such a bad thing. You can go to a dance class, start hiking, or join a fitness class for women. You can also try to simply move more throughout the day by doing things like walking around the living room while talking on the phone, taking the stairs, and parking further away from the store entrance (so that you have to walk further) when you go to buy your weight-loss products.

Weight loss is possible with the right diet and workout plan, enough sleep, and weight-loss products that are aimed at women, like you, who are ready to change their lives and their health for the better. You can get natural weight-loss products for women from Herbex at a Dischem, Clicks, or other major retailers nationwide, or Takealot.com.

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  1. Lynette Fourie

    Good day
    I have to loose 20kg. Which herbex products will be best to take. Im 52 years and a women

    • Herbex Support

      Hi Lynette,

      Thank you for choosing Herbex Health.

      To lose weight and to keep it off, it is important to make a conscious decision to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Being consistent in your diet and exercise programs and keeping motivated and positive is what will guarantee your results. Most of our testimonials made a conscious decision to live a healthier lifestyle and they have managed to keep their weight off.

      It is recommended to start a detox prior to using any other products from our range.

      Phase 1: Detox
      When you cleanse and detox, your fat cells are better able to metabolise (break down). You will likely find it easier to burn fat and lose weight once you’ve detoxified your body. That is why Herbex recommends doing our 5- 10 Day detox plan and adding the Herbex Detox products to help you eliminate toxins from your system.
      Please see link: http: //herbexhealth.com/product/detox-booster/

      Phase 2: Slimmers 40 – 60 range
      You can make use of the slimmers range in conjunction with your usual exercise routine.
      Please see link: http://herbexhealth.com/slimmers-40-60-range/

      All the best,
      Herbex Team