Weight Loss Supplements for Men

Weight-Loss Supplements are Designed for Men Too

Excess fat, weight gain, and obesity, conditions that are fast becoming a worldwide major scourge of the 21st century, are not the preserve of women. Men gain weight too. Masses of modern South African men participate in weight-loss programmes and use herbal supplements for support in their weight-loss regimen.

Increasingly, both genders are using weight-loss supplements and solutions for a condition that does not discriminate between the sexes. This universal, modern phenomenon has numerous causes, but is typically created by a combination of contributory factors, which weight-loss supplements alone cannot address successfully.

Fattening Fast Food

In some countries, fattening fast foods are perceived as being considerably cheaper than purchasing and cooking fresh ingredients from scratch. This has been instrumental in the popularity of so-called junk food, which is as popular with men as it is with their female counterparts.

However, in South Africa, many fast foods still cost more than home-prepared snacks and cooked meals, but this has not deterred fast-food junkies – men included, from preferring their favourite, fattening eats. Fats and high-fat fast foods are tasty, subtly encouraging people to want more, more often.


There’s more to food-induced weight gain than only the type of food ingested frequently. Eating too much or overeating is also a culprit. Because men’s physiques are stronger and larger than those of women, they require more kilojoules to sustain their bodies, but this depends on their levels of activity.

Traditionally, men were more physically active than presently, so men typically required more food than women did. However, if this food consumption provides more kilojoules than the male body can use, and it consists of the wrong foodstuffs, men’s weight-gain problem increases exponentially.

The reasons why men and women overeat may be diverse and complex. These reasons include:

  • Like any other addictive substance, food and the tendency to eat foodstuffs to excess can become an addiction with very powerful cravings.
  • Eating to excess is a habit and habits are not easily broken or changed.
  • Emotional eating – eating to mask, self-medicate, soothe, or “treat” an obvious or deep-seated, painful or traumatic memory or period of time was once thought to mainly occur among women, but men can be and are also included in the ranks of emotional eaters.

 Have a Beer (or Two)

 A beer belly, known in South Africa as a beer “boep”, has long been the butt of jokes. Speaking of butts, men do not typically carry excess weight on their butts; most of their fat is stored in the belly/boep area. Because beer is a popular drink among males and has a high kilojoule count, an enlarged, fat belly is ascribed to beer consumption.

Move, Men, Move

 More than ever, men are not moving or undertaking tasks that are physically demanding. Men’s modern lifestyles are largely to blame. Modern man has become a sedentary creature, travelling to and from work in a vehicle, sitting in front of a computer at work, and sitting down to meals, instead of hunting and gathering his food. During leisure time, men and their brothers meet in a pub or sit on a couch in front of the TV to watch others engaging in sports and activities.

Guys (and girls) you need to get up and move/move more. You need to exercise if you intend to get rid of the kilos. It is an indisputable fact – if you consume more than your body expends, the body stores the excess energy-giving substances as fat and you gain weight. If you take in less than what your body expends, weight loss occurs.

Weight-Loss Supplement Solutions

 At Herbex, we haven’t forgotten about or excluded men from our ranges of herbal weight-loss supplements. There are three ranges of natural Herbex supplements for men – Attack the Fat Range for Men, Fat Burn Range for Men, and Slimmers for Men.

Our weight-loss supplements for men alone cannot achieve the results you require – a lean, toned, strong, and healthy body and male physique. However, combined with our information about weight and fat, and what to do about it, plus the helpful support provided by Herbex weight-loss supplements for men, your best body is waiting to be revealed.

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