What women need to know about men’s health

Special focus: Men’s Health Month

Earlier in the month, we looked at male-specific health problems, and which medical check-ups men should get according to their age. In our final instalment, we look at women’s involvement in improving the state of men’s health.


Women typically pay better attention to their health than men and can help men to adopt healthier habits. By encouraging the men in your life to take even the smallest symptoms seriously and discuss them with their doctors, you will be helping them take a more active role in their own health care. And by educating yourself about potential male health problems and passing that information on to the men you love, you may also be able to save a life.


Know when to call in the professionals

If you identify a symptom, get your man to the doctor immediately – and do not take no for an answer. But even if he is the picture of health, one of the most important steps you can take is to get him (and your boys) into the habit of getting regular check-ups. As with most things, the results of specific exams are important, but not nearly as important as changes over time.

Check him out

Somewhere along the line we got the idea that “self exams” have to be done by ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s no reason why your guy can’t help you with your breast exams or you with his testicular exams. And don’t forget about his back. Women get most of their skin cancers in places where they can see them – on their hands and face and below the dress line, but men get most of theirs on their backs, where they are a lot harder to see.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

The three most effective things you can do for your man (and yourself, for that matter), are to put him on a low-fat, high fibre diet, help him get regular exercise, and get him to quit smoking. These simple steps can drastically reduce the chances that he will succumb to four of the 10 leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

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