White rice vs brown rice and other questions answered

Some of the questions posted on a previous Nutrition Hour on Facebook.

Q: Is it okay to eat white rice or should I only eat brown rice?

Answer: Brown rice is always better as it had more nutrition than white rice. However, long grain rice (basmati/jasmine) are good ones to use too.

Q: What about meat? Is red meat allowed when you are trying to lose weight?

Answer: You can have red meat occasionally. Try not to have it more than 3 times per week and rather choose the fillet portions. Cut off the fat and do not fry!

Q: I constantly eat fruit instead of fatty food, but see no difference in my weight.

Answer: Having fruit instead of the fatty food is a good start. Make sure that you have regular meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar level constant. Also watch out for too much high sugar fruit and fruit juices.

Q: How many slices of brown bread can I eat per day?

Answer: Try to add variety to your day. Two to four slices per day should be your limit. I suggest you eat other starches (for example veggies) to get a balance of nutrients.

Q: I am a student and often skip meals or have them late at night after class or when I come back from the library. How can I improve my eating habits and results?

Answer: The key is to be well prepared so you do not overindulge. If it is time to eat, but you do not have a proper meal, have an easy snack to keep you going until the next meal/snack. Full on lunch/dinner meals are not a must and can be substituted with healthy snacks.

Q: Do you have ideas for easy snacking?

Answer: Easy snacking ideas include dried fruit with some nuts or biltong; crackers with some low fat cheese wedges, 250ml fruit juice; yogurt or a milk drink (or Herbex Shakes)

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  1. Jolene

    Oh and I forgot I wanted to add that with some research I did I found that sushi rice has the least kj so if you don’t like brown rice its also a option