Working With Stress

8 Tips To Help With Job Stress

We spend more time at work than at home and it is a ready source of stress. When we are running from one task to another all day long, how do we squeeze in ways to reduce or at least manage our stress levels effectively? Here are some quick tips:

1. A good night’s sleep – One way to calm your mind down sufficiently to get a good night’s sleep is to work with a to-do list. At the end of each day, revise, prioritise and have a new list ready for the next day. This will reduce your need to fret when you should be sleeping.

2. Eat well to live well – Are you starting your day with a good breakfast? Copious amounts of coffee and a chocolate muffin doesn’t cut it. Give your body the right fuel often enough and not only will you have sufficient energy and focus throughout the day, your immune and nervous systems will be stronger and better able to cope with stresses as they come. Include plenty of complex carbs, protein and fresh fruit and veg.

3. Take regular breaks during the day – To get the most out of your brain, take a short break every hour – five minutes is sufficient. Stretch, roll your shoulders, take a short walk, share a joke with colleagues. Increasing oxygen levels and laughter are great stress relievers.

4. Use your time wisely – Do you feel as though you’re always rushing everywhere, often getting nowhere? Yes, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time, but how we spend that time is important. For instance, what about taking that lunch break (yes, you need it!) with a good dose of stress relief – walking, stretching, laughing, eating healthy and get in some sunshine, if you can find it.

5. Learn something new – How about investing in some CD’s or books, unrelated to work, that teach you something new either about yourself or the world around you? Listen to or read these on your way to and from work.

6. Appeal to your senses – What does your office look like? Try adding a favourite colour, object or photograph where you can see it often. Plants have been proven to help stimulate creativity, promote relaxation and they assist with recycling the air too. Finish working a little early every day and spend the time clearing your desk (and revising your to-do list). This helps the mind ‘shut shop’ for the night and also provides a motivating start for the next morning.

7. Know how to say ‘no’ – Never saying ‘no’ can bring on extra pressure until you finally snap under the stress. No-one knows exactly how much you do and how much you can handle except you. Evaluate each new task you’re asked to do: How urgent is it? How does it fit in with my current priorities? Can I handle the extra stress it will involve? Is it a short-term commitment or would I need to manage the extra stress on-going? Ask for clarification if you need to before committing to anything new.

8. Support your nervous system – So much damage is done to our nervous system just through the war zone we call modern living, it makes sense to give it as much support as we can. Herbex Nerve Tonic not only immediately relieves the symptoms of stress, but with extended use, the herbal formula will also help repair and strengthen the nervous system, allowing the body to physically cope better in times of stress.

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